Coco Apple Pressing Morning - our Community Orchard at work

Pouring the juiceCoco's (Conderton & Overbury Community Orchard's) first apple day was a huge success! Thank you very much for all the support

Picking fruit in the orchard


First we picked the fruit. A lot was picked earlier but there was still fruit on the trees




Washing the fruit in the orchard

[caption id="attachment_349" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Washing apples"][/caption]






The apples (& some pears) needed washing first


Washing apples

Farmer Jake adding apples to the crusher





Then Farmer Jake (and others) fed the machine with fruit to be cut up




The crushed fruit read to press


The fruit was cut up and added to the press and then the fruit was pressed into juice






Pressing the fruit

Putting the crushed fruit in the pressPressed juice

Pressing the applesPouring the juice






The juice was poured into bottles & containers (some will be frozen)



Ready bottles


The bottles were put out to sell


Counting the money


Money was counted (to pay Kemerton Orchard Group who kindly brought their press)

The buckets were washed & we all went home