Overbury Farms helps LEAF with their water tool

Water is increasingly becoming a resource that needs careful management. At Overbury we have worked with LEAF (Linking Environment & Farming) to put together some tools for other farmers including a booklet and video on 'Simply Sustainable Water'. It may be of interest to any of us making decisions for our gardens & driveways. In the video Jake talks us through the 'six simple steps for managing water quality and use on your land', which is outlined in the booklet. Watch Farmer Jakes video here.

The booklet which accompanies the video has been designed to allow you to get the best from this valuable resource, to improve awareness of the importance of water and track changes in water use and quality over time.

'Simple Sustainable Water' has been developed by LEAF in close association with ASDA and Molson Coors Brewing Company. Across the Molson Coors organisation, the company is committed to reducing water use and preserving and protecting the watersheds where they operate. This year, they set a challenging long-term goal of improving water efficiency by 20 percent, by 2020 (compared with 2011). There is plenty of information on their environmental work on their website, including thier sustainability focused initiative 'Our Beer Print'.

Measuring progress and delivering change is at the heart of LEAF’s work through the adoption of Integrated Farm Management.

Download your Simple Sustaiable Water booklet here.