Overbury Farms Hatchery Tour


Last night tenants were treated to a wonderful tour of the Overbury Hatchery with Head Keeper Paul Gillett.



Residents were invited to come along and see how game birds are raised ready for release onto the Estate, with an exclusive ‘behind the scenes tour’ of the Overbury Estate Hatchery. We started with the laying hens outside, where Paul explained to us the first step in producing eggs. After learning how the eggs are collected and cleaned we were lead into the incubator and hatcher. Here we were taught how to tell if an egg has been fertilized through 'candling'.

This was followed by a unique insight in the rearing units. We were treated to a glimpse of the years first batch of young partridge and pheasants, which were only 2 days old.






For the final part we all jumped back into the tractor and trailer, kindly driven by Farmer Jake, and enjoyed a short tour into the fields around the hatchery where birds are released, to show how gamekeepers manage pests and create habitats for game birds.

A huge thank you to everyone who attended and to Paul for putting on a great and very informative evening.