Harriet Baldwin MP visit

At the beginning of August 2013 we welcomed the MP for West Worcestershire Harriet Baldwin onto the farm. She wanted to speak to Farm Manager Jake about changes in the EU budget and its direct affect of farmers in the area, whilst enjoying a tour of the farm.

The latest EU budget settlement will affect subsidy payments for farmers throughout the country. She said, 'I was interested to hear Jake's feedback on how changes to the EU budget will directly affect the farm and its profitability. I have met a lot of farmers and farming groups this year and I am ensuring that their feed-back is passed onto Environment Secretary Owen Paterson'.

Harriet spent the afternoon touring Overbury Farms and talking to Jake about the many environmental projects we have in place. She welcomed the measures we have taken to protect the wildlife through margins, game covers, wild bird food and pollen and nectar, whilst balancing this with the use of our agricultural land. She said 'I was keen to find out more about greening, where land is allocated to improve the local eco-system and creating homes for wildlife'.