Harvest 2013

Due to the consistent wet weather conditions we endured during planting, Harvest was late this year.

We normally start around the 25th July but this year we didn't actually start in July at all!  We started harvesting oil seed rape (1st of August-latest ever) which didn't yield particularly well. This wasn't a surprise as getting any sort of seed drilled was difficult due to the fields being so wet. We had to use the sprayer to 'spinkle' seeds onto the wheat, which we then harvest, leaving a a tall stem. This is cut to form a layer of straw on top of the seeds which effectively composts into the ground allowing the seed to grow.

After a stop-start time on the oilseed rape we moved onto the winter barley crop designed for the Shobnall Maltings at Burton-upon-Trent, part of our Molson Coors commitment. They make larger, including Carling, which is made using 100% British Barley. All of the winter barley has been accepted (eventually) and the space in the grain store cleared ready for the wheat.  Yields on the barley were acceptable, again considering how they looked in the winter - during our LEAF (linking Environment and Farming) Demonstration Farm launch in October the barley hadn't even emerged!

We've also harvested some wheat, the yields of which have been mixed; some doing very well, again off the better land.  Right now we are having a short intermission due to rain early this morning, so we are sorting out some machinery maintenance, as well as the grain store. Looking forward to the next spell of warm windy weather so that we can carry on with the next leg of the harvest.


Do keep up to date with my Harvest Logs on YouTube and Jakes Blog where you will find a daily update of our progress.