Jake Freestone - a Nuffield Scholar

Almost a year ago Jake was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship. Since then he has been researching his chosen topic '20 by 20 - Fact or Fiction?'.

This refers to the possibility of producing 20 tons of wheat per hectare. Here are some related questions to think about...

Why have the UK wheat yields plateaued?Where is the next 'green revolution' going to come from? How are we going to feed the estimated world population of 9.5Bn people by 2050? How can we persuade the general public and the law makers of Europe that we need to use biological technology (new words for GM - Genetically Modified) to help feed the ever expanding world population? What are the key ingredients to a world record wheat yield?

Jake has begun his research and travel across the world to try and understand more techniques for increasing wheat performance back in the UK.  At the end of July he returned from 5 weeks in Canada, North America and Mexico where Jake met research organisations, farmers and agronomists - all leaders in their respective fields. Although the climate is different, the issues faced are the same.

In November Jake will travel to New Zealand, to look at very high yielding crops, before returning home for Christmas. Next year he will travel to India, where population growth and reducing resources are having an impact on food production.