Hatchery Tour


On Thursday 15th May, Head Keeper Paul Gillett took a trailer full of tenants around the Overbury Farms hatchery.



After the success of last year residents were once again invited to come along and join us for a hatchery tour - with the weather much improved to 2013!

Paul took us through the the hatching process, from egg to chick.

Tenants were treated to a visit to see our laying hens, the incubator, the hatchery and our rearing units.

This was followed by a tour into the fields around the hatchery where our birds are released, to show how gamekeepers manage pests and create habitats for game birds.






A great evening was had by all and we have had some wonderful feedback and comments:

'Can you please pass on our sincere thanks to Paul for a really interesting and enjoyable hatchery tour last night.' Paul

'Thank you for including us in last night's hatchery tour. It opened my eyes to a whole aspect of the Overbury Estate that I knew very little about, and I'm glad that the kids also had the opportunity to see it. Please pass on our huge thanks to Paul for sharing his wealth of knowledge with us. It was a perfect way to spend such a beautiful summer's evening. Much appreciated.' Trevyn

'It was great to hear comments, from others who attended, after the event that they now understood the reasoning for vermin control and how it benefits the countryside as a whole...Excellent work from Paul in explaining things and answering questions on both the hatchery and conservation.' Lorna