Overbury Farms - our redevelopment plans

Exciting news. We are looking to upgrade our farm buildings at Middle Barn on Crashmore Lane. We have very recently submitted plans to Wychavon District Council with our planning advisors GP Planning.

By building new grain storage and drying facilities (and converting our existing newer storage for other farm uses) we are hoping to have a farmyard well prepared for the next generation of arable farming (and agritech). By thinking ahead, we feel these buildings will give our farming business the best chances for the future.

Below are the before & after images (from a field south of the buildings). Due to hedges & trees the buildings are not so visible from roads or footpaths.

Middle Barn buildings before & after the proposed development


Our existing buildings are coming to the end of their life - they are costly to maintain & are not designed for modern arable farming. We would also like to consolidate all our farm activities (outside the field) to one location. We have spent many months - going into years, developing the right design. It is a large and long term investment. We need to improve the quality of our grain storage with quieter, more efficient machinery as well as reduce our environmental footprint.

The plans put in to Wychavon have been thought from as many aspects as possible. There will be rainwater harvesting from the roof top water (for use in our sprayer & toilets) and electricity generating photo voltaic solar panels. Labour saving & safety features include some self emptying bins & remote viewing of the operations.

What will it look like?

We enjoy the beauty of Bredon Hill & its views and have done our best to ensure the building will be well hidden & have roofs that blend into the surrounding countryside. The screening/planting designed in the last century for the original building luckily gives us a head start. We wish so many of the views  from Bredon hill had not been changed by the numerous large white roofs of the industrial buildings in every direction.

If you have any questions please respond with the contact form on this website.

You can see the planning application in more detail by clicking here.