Tree Pruning on the Farm

On the farm, we prune trees to extend their life by encouraging new growth.

Pruning also makes the trees safe for the general public.  By removing the dead wood there is less chance of any mis-haps.  The tree surgeons will remove the weight from the top of the trees to reduce the risk of them blowing over in windy weather (which is especially necessary at the moment!)

Here is a before and after picture of a tree which has been pruned.










At Overbury Farms we are very keen to welcome wildlife and we create special habitats to attract all types of bees, insects, birds and small mammals.  Dead wood is an excellent habitat for beetles and insects as well as owls who live in old tree holes.

We have specialist tree surgeons to come and do the work.  The tree surgeons are able to climb the trees to do the pruning.  It is a very dangerous job which requires a lot of skill and care.  We are happy to leave it to the professionals!

We use Apical Tree Care.  To find out more about what they do click here.