A Week in the Life of the Farm Manager

A Week in the Life of the Farm Manager

August is a busy time of year for us at Overbury Farms.  With the warm, dry weather we have had it’s been all systems go with the combine harvester with some long days and working well into the night.

Last week was interesting.  Here’s what I was up to:

On Monday the redevelopment at Middle barn got underway.  This is a really exciting project to upgrade the area for the next 50 years.  The redevelopment will mean increased storage capacity and better technology for food storage.

On Tuesday I was combining malting barley again.  Samples have been sent off for testing.  The quality still looks good but I will know more when the results are back.

Wednesday was a big day.  Harvest 2016 is complete here at Overbury Farms.  I also did some crop walking on oil seed rape looking for slugs and cabbage stem flea beetle, both of which can decimate oil seed rape crops.  We are continuing to plant cover crops in the fields we have harvested.

On Thursday I went to Welshpool with Shepherd Reg to look at Rams in the morning.  In the afternoon we had a meeting with Sainsburys.  This is where most of our Overbury Lamb is sold.

On Friday we had the BBC Countryfile team out to use Overbury Farms as a backdrop for an interview by Tom Heap with Caroline Drummond of LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming).  I also spent some time in the office catching up on harvest records and invoices; and did a spot of crop walking following the predicted rain checking for slugs. 

I managed to have a fairly quiet weekend due to the good and speedy harvest - although I was on slug watch!

To find out more about what I get up to and all things Harvest 2016 follow my blog at www.youtube.com/user/No1FarmerJake