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Farming at Overbury Farms

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Arable FarmingAt Overbury Farms we grow wheat, barley, feed beans, oil seed rape and grass. Overbury Farms allows other farming businesses to use some of their land and irrigation for growing spring onions, peas and potatoes.

The soils range from thin Cotswold brash towards the summit of Bredon Hill, through to very light sand over-laying gravel below Overbury and Conderton, and heavy lias clay soils south of the Carrant Brook. The farm runs to almost 1000ft on the summit of Bredon Hill and has about 650mm of rain each year.


SheepOur 1100 strong sheep flock is made of up of North Country Mules and some home bred North Country Mules crossed with a Texel ram. We lamb in January and April as we aim to provide lamb for our customers all year round. The ewes have access to a range of different grazing depending on the time of year. Stubble turnips are used to fatten lambs during the winter months and to keep the ewes outside when there is little other feed available. The sheep play an important role in the arable rotation, as mobile fertiliser spreaders, returning organic matter to the thin land during the winter months.

LEAF Marque

LEAF MarqueIn 2007 we attained the LEAF Marque accreditation which is renewed annually and this guarantees the customer that the food they are buying has been produced on a farm committed to improving the environment for the benefit of wildlife and the countryside.  We undergo a rigorous audit to acheive this status – click here for more info. We sell lamb and game direct to the public.  The majority of our lamb is sold to Sainsbury’s through the Mayhill Lamb Group – and labeled as Cotswold Lamb and our barley goes to make Carling Lager.  We also grow salad potatoes for Cobrey Farms of Ross-on-Wye.

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